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Resumo da Biografia In order to effectively prevent the sickness of the employees, the employer is provided best shampoo for dermatitis with the TRGS 401 "Hazards through Skin Contact - Assessment, Measures" measures, which make statements on the hazardous substances of the skin-stressing activities of the industry, but also clear requirements on the workplace.

Intensive prevention strategies of the associations as well as improved treatments and long-term therapies help to avoid the occupational disease with timely intervention. Already at the occurrence of work-induced skin lesions, the company or dermatologist informs the competent professional association or accident fund. Together with the persons concerned, the professional associations and accident funds apply adapted preventive measures to the occupational pictures.

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The accident insurance providers examine the working conditions of the person concerned in order to avoid acute hazards and further aggravations of the condition. In this way alternatives to chemicals in the workplace are tested and personal protection treatment of seborrheic dermatitis measures are improved. The aim is to keep the worker in the workplace - and almost always improve the occupational safety and health of workers. If the patient 's condition worsens. Accident insurance institutions also inpatient treatment in specialized clinics - tertiary individual prevention; the costs are borne by the carriers.

The associations work together with the employers to develop effective sun and radiation protection solutions, especially to prevent work-related skin cancer. Organizational changes at the workplace are another cure seborrheic dermatitis option that the person concerned can implement with his employer. In this way, personal preventive strategies can be developed between the parties in order, for example, to shift working hours or to carry more appropriate, protective professional clothing.