Celts and the Castro Culture in the Iberian Peninsula – issues of national identity and Proto-Celtic substratum


  • Silvana Trombetta Laboratory of Provincial Roman Archeology (MAE/USP)


Celts, Castro Culture, national identity, Proto-Celtic substrate


The object of this article is to discuss the presence of the Castro Culture and of Celtic people on the Iberian Peninsula. Currently there are two sides to this debate. On one hand, some consider the “Castro” people as one of the Celtic groups that inhabited this part of Europe, and see their peculiarity as a historically designed trait due to issues of national identity. On the other hand, there are archeologists who – despite not ignoring entirely the usage of the Castro culture for the affirmation of national identity during the nineteenth century (particularly in Portugal) – saw distinctive characteristics in the Northwest of Portugal and Spain which go beyond the use of the past for political reasons. We will examine these questions aiming to decide if there is a common Proto-Celtic substrate, and possible singularities in the Castro Culture.






Dossiê 2018.1